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Oriental Dance or "Raks Sharqi" in its most classical form translated from Arabic means "The Dance Of The Orient". The term "Belly Dance", was first used by the French when they saw the undulations and the body isolations, "The Dance of the Stomach". Also, it was called "Danse Du Venture", or the dance of adventure. In the ancient Middle East/Mediterranean, the belly dance was first performed as sort of a birthing aid. Basically, the sisters of the women giving birth, would aid the new mother by undulating and rolling their bodies in natural, curvy snake -like movements to help with the delivery of the baby. It is a dance as second nature as breathing, and it got its start not as Entertainment, but for childbirth

Slowly Middle Eastern dance became more of an entertainment related art form. Middle Eastern dance form is as esthetic and holistic as it is misunderstood. The Belly Dance is a spiritual connection between mind and body. Belly Dancing is as majestic and regal as classical Ballet but, differs because it offers it's practioner's a total experience, a sense of well-being, joy, freedom and most importantly, is a celebration of the feminine soul and inner spirit through movement. The Goddess within emerges every time you dance and become totally engulfed with the art and can slip into a "dance trance".

The elements that make up Oriental Dance is a combination of agility, fluidity of movement, grace, creativity, physical aerobic strength and proper Egyptian technique.

The Belly Dance originated in the countries in the Middle East and the Mediterranean.

The magical, holistic, and therapeutic nature of this ancient art form is always in vogue. The exotic mystery of the Belly Dance, the quarter tones in Middle Eastern music, the haunting musical arrangements and compositions are an unconscious reflection of archetypal primal existence. Even people from East India, love this art because it is somewhat similar to Indian dance.


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